"Best" Printer to buy

Which is the best printer to buy? One of the most common questions we got asked.

In this section, we will post some current models which you can purchase from your local retail outlets.
We will regularly update this page as the printer market changes very quick.

Q: Which is a better brand? 
A: They are all very good and very similar.

So the real question is: Which printer is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run.

Printer is not only a printer. Instead, it consists of the function of printer + colour + fax + coping + scan + duplex + networked + wireless and more.
You need to work out what function you need before picking one. Each additional function can cost extra hundred dollars.

network-able colour laser printer priced $399.
same printer with wireless priced $627
same printer with fax, copy and scan priced $698
same printer with fax, copy scan and wireless priced $849
If you only use it to print from your desktop do not waste your money, and just pick the $399.
What if you need to fax and copy? Pick an additional inkjet multifunction printer for $50. In this way, you will have two printers just in case one malfunctions.