What is Integrated Toner Cartridge and the Advantages of Continuous Supply Toner Cartridges

The photoconductor drum (photosensitive drum), magnetic drum (developing roller), and toner cartridge are integrated toner cartridges. In principle, this kind of toner cartridge does not allow users to add toner to the design structure. But with the update of technology, this kind of toner cartridge can also add toner. The integrated toner cartridge is mainly designed to install the toner cartridge and the photosensitive drum on the same device. When the toner is used up or the photosensitive drum is damaged, the entire toner cartridge has to be scrapped. This unique design increases the user’s printing cost and is very harmful to environmental pollution, but it brings huge profits to the manufacturer. Separate toner drums and photosensitive drums are placed on different devices, and photosensitive drums generally have a long service life, and generally can print up to 20,000 sheets. It only needs to replace the consumed toner, so that the user’s printing cost is greatly reduced.

I. What is a continuous toner cartridge?

Simply put, a continuous toner cartridge is a toner cartridge that can be refilled and reused multiple times.

Continuous supply toner cartridge:

1. This toner cartridge uses high-quality long-life accessories to ensure that it has a truly long service life (over 12,000 pages).

2. This kind of toner cartridge filling operation is extremely simple and quick. It does not need to disassemble the toner cartridge or do any cleaning. You only need to open the drum cover and add powder every time.

3. When the toner cartridge is filled with powder, no toner will be spilled out, which will not cause any harm to the filling operator and the office environment.

II. How to achieve continuous powder supply?

To achieve a continuous toner supply cartridge similar to a continuous ink supply system, the key is how to effectively dispose of the waste toner.

One point is to realize that the waste powder can be automatically transferred from the waste toner bin to the powder bin.

The second point is to realize that waste powder can be automatically and effectively separated from paper scraps and other impurities.

III. 5 advantages of continuous supply toner cartridges:

  • Convenient:

The powder filling operation is extremely simple and quick. It only takes one step to open the round cover and fill the powder, without disassembling the drum or cleaning, the work can be completed in 1 minute. In this way, any toner cartridge user can add powder.

  • Safety:

Unique toner bottle mouth structure, no toner will spill out when adding powder, will not stain the office environment, and will not cause health damage when adding powder.

  • Save money:

Super long service life. The continuous supply of 12A/88A series can exceed 12,000 pages, which is 6-10 times that of other similar toner cartridges. At the same time, it prolongs the procurement cycle and reduces the number of stocks, which can greatly reduce the printing cost.

  • Environmental protection:

On the one hand, because waste powder is automatically recycled and reused, there is basically no waste powder, which eliminates the environmental pollution caused by waste powder. On the other hand, due to the long service life, the number of new toner cartridges used is reduced, and the number of discarded old toner cartridges is also greatly reduced to be truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • Quality: Has a number of patented technologies. All materials and accessories come from high-quality brands in the industry, coupled with strict quality control in the production process.

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