How to Add Printer Toner?

We all know that toner is an important consumable in printers, and whether the printed documents are clear is determined by toner. How to add printer toner? Everyone must be very eager to know, let’s take a look together, I hope it will help you.

The steps of adding toner to the toner cartridge:

1. Check the toner cartridge

First, check if the printer toner cartridge is suitable for adding toner. Turn one of the wheels on the side of the powder box to see if the magnetic stick is evenly powdered and whether it is scratched. Do not add powder if the powder on the magnetic stick is uneven or scratched.

2. Clean up excess toner

Clean up the excess toner in the toner cartridge, as well as the toner on the magnetic stick. This is an important point. The operation method is very simple, first, unscrew the screw under the magnetic bar, remove the three slices, pay attention to the front and back of the slice, and then remove the magnetic rod. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sponge stick under the magnetic stick, and also clean up the excess powder in the powder bin.

 3. Add toner

After the above steps are completed, you can add toner to the toner cartridge. Open the powder compartment cover of the powder container, put the shaken toner into the powder container, and close the powder container cover. In this way, the toner is added successfully.

The operation steps of toner powder filling:

1. Clean the toner cartridge

First turn on the machine and take out the toner cartridge, then use diagonal pliers to hold the metal pins on one side to pull out the main force outward. The silver pins on both sides are pulled out and then there are two parts, which should be cleaned.

2. Filling toner

After removing the screw on the gearless side of the magnetic stick, put the prepared toner into the bin and gently turn the round cooked ring on the side of the magnetic stick to make the toner even.

After the toner cartridge is installed, push the shutter of the photoconductor drum, lightly rotate this rotation on the side of the drum core a few times, after the residual toner on the drum surface is removed, it can be installed.

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