Categories of Cartridges According to Their Composition Structure

Ⅰ. The importance of the ink cartridges

Printers have entered in our lives silently, and we are almost inseparable from printers. Among them, we all know that print cartridges are an important part of printers. Printers cannot work without them. Cartridges play a very important role in the entire inkjet printer, especially some low-end printers, which have reached the price of two boxes of ink equal to one printer. Therefore, when buying a printer, you must consider the ink cartridges.

Colorful ink cartridges

Ⅱ. The ink cartridges are classified according to the composition structure

1. Integrated ink cartridges: The integrated ink cartridges are to integrate the nozzle on the ink cartridge. 

When the ink is used up and a new ink cartridge is replaced, a new print head is replaced at the same time. The use of this kind of ink cartridge can achieve relatively high printing accuracy to ensure the printing quality. 

Since the nozzle is replaced with the ink cartridge, the print quality will not be reduced due to the wear of the inkjet head. However, this ink cartridge design structure increases the cost, and the price of such ink cartridges is relatively high. HP and Lexmark products mostly use this kind of ink cartridges. However, at present, in order to save printing costs, for this type of ink cartridge, users often refill the empty ink cartridge by themselves after they buy ink. Generally speaking, as long as the operation is correct, the filled ink will not cause much damage to the nozzle.

2. Split ink cartridges: Split ink cartridges refer to a product that separates the nozzle and ink cartridge. 

These are relatively cheap cartridges.The starting point of this structural design is mainly to reduce printing costs, because this kind of ink cartridge is not integrated on the print nozzle, the print nozzle can continue to be used when the ink cartridge is invalid, and it also simplifies the user’s process of disassembly and assembly of the ink cartridge and reduces the opportunity of man-made damage to the toner printer; 

This ink cartridge structure also has obvious defects, that is, the nozzle will not be updated in time. As the working time of the printer increases, the quality of the toner printer will naturally decline until the nozzle deteriorates. Most of Epson’s products are split ink cartridges. The cost of this kind of ink cartridge is lower than that of the integrated ink cartridge, but this kind of ink cartridge does not allow users to fill the ink casually.

Features of Canon Home Inkjet Printer and Skills of Using Inkjet Printer

Nowadays, printers are more and more widely used, not only in the office but also in the home. Printers can greatly facilitate our lives. Canon inkjet printers are very popular, so how about Canon home inkjet printers? Next, I will introduce the advantages of Canon inkjet printers and the tips for using inkjet printers.

1. Is the Canon printer easy to use?

1) New ink technology

Canon printers have a 12-color stand-alone Canon ink system, which provides a wide color gamut for better printing works. Canon ink system is composed of 11-color pigment ink and crystal bright color ink. The new pigment Canon ink has improved the original composition, so it has a wider color gamut and more prominent dark area expressiveness.

2) Accurate arrangement of Canon ink

Canon printer cartridges use encapsulated pigment particles and an outer layer of bright color ink. The ink droplets are arranged more closely, bringing more uniform gloss, improving image clarity and color gamut.

3) Fast printing speed

The overall printing speed of Canon inkjet printers is fast, especially the photo printing speed.

4) The print head is easy to install:

New printers usually pack the print head separately and install it by the user. The print head installation of Canon printers is very simple, without too complicated operations.

5) There are many types of printers: inkjet, laser and so on.

2. Skills of using inkjet printer:

1) In the process of using color Canon printer cartridges (here refers to the same type of ink cartridges), pay attention to the balanced use of red, yellow, blue and other tones, and don’t just print pictures that focus on one color. Because as long as one color is used up, Canon printer cartridges cannot continue to be used even if the other colors are not used up.

The higher the resolution of the printed picture, the more Canon printer ink is used. The light color consumes less Canon printer ink, and the bright red or blue composite color needs more than one basic color synthesis, so it needs to consume more Canon printer ink.

2) Don’t switch the printer frequently, because many types of printers will execute self-check procedures when they are turned on, which will consume Canon ink. Try to collect the materials that need to be printed and print them together (but at the same time be careful not to let the printer work continuously for too long), this will save Canon ink.

3) If the integrated Canon printer cartridges print head is dry and clogged, the following methods can be used to improve:

  • Immerse the print head part (excluding the circuit board) in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, and let the warm water dissolve the dried dye (note: keep the circuit board dry).
  • Put the print head on a few soft and dry paper towels, and let the paper towels slowly absorb the residual moisture of the nozzle and Canon ink. Please do not wipe the print head hard.
  • If Canon printer cartridges need to be used immediately, they can be put back in the correct position in the printer. If you don’t use it temporarily, you can purchase a special print head protector for proper storage. The rubber pad in the protector can block the air and keep the nozzle moist for a long time.
  • Do not print again when Canon printer cartridges are out of ink. Printing will cause the nozzle to burn out (because it only uses the electromotive nozzle to eject ink and borrow ink for heat dissipation).

Do You Have to Use Genuine Ink Cartridges in the Printer?

Some printer supplies claim to be as good as the manufacturer’s original ink cartridges. But usually, they cannot provide the same consistency, reliability, or longevity.

Laser printers have the lowest cost per page on the market, so if you buy a laser printer, you have already taken the best steps to reduce the cost per page. These printers can use original and compatible ink cartridges at the same time.

Ink Cartridge Type

1.Original ink cartridges

Original ink cartridges are made by the printer manufacturer. For example, the original ink cartridges used in HP printers are manufactured by HP. Original ink cartridges (ink cartridges developed by the printer manufacturer and approved for use in a specific printer) may be accompanied by original OEM information. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

2.Third party ink cartridges

These are compatible printer cartridges and are not made by the printer manufacturer. They may be mass-produced by supermarkets. They should work as well as original cartridges, but the quality may be affected.

Best Results

For the best results, it is always recommended to purchase original ink cartridges from the printer manufacturer instead of purchasing compatible printer ink. It should also remember that using a good quality of paper will also determine the quality that can be achieved.

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Is the Printer Ink Cartridge Numbers Really Important?

On all printer cartridges, you will find a model number that allows you to know whether the ink involved is suitable for certain printers.

The problem is that the ink cartridges look so similar, in some cases almost the same, can these ink cartridges be used interchangeably?

What do the numbers on the ink cartridges mean?

The number on an ink cartridge allows you to identify if an ink cartridge is compatible with the printer you are trying to use them in.

For example, HP 304 ink is compatible with the HP Deskjet 2630 and HP Envy 5030 Ink.

How to find the ink cartridge number?

First, open the top of your printer and wait for the ink cartridge carriage to enter to see what ink is in the printer. For most ink cartridges, the model number is located on the top of the ink cartridge, so you can see it without removing the ink.

Second, if you’ve just got a new printer and the inks aren’t installed you will have some start-up cartridges in the box, again you’ll find the model number for this series of inks on top of the cartridge.

Can inks with other numbers be used in the printer?

Many ink cartridges look the same, which can cause confusion. Printer cartridges look so similar that it is often difficult to tell the difference between them.

Can I use the same cartridge number for printers? Will it work?

For example, the Epson 603 inks and the Epson 502 inks look very similar, but in spite of this, you still cannot change the ink casually. This is because there are chips on the ink cartridges, so each chip is programmed so that the ink can only be used with certain printers.

Therefore, you will not be able to use other numbered inks in printers that are not compatible with your printer.

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Common Reasons Why the Printer Cannot Recognize the Ink Cartridges

The protection bar has not been removed:

If you do not remove the protective cover or plastic strip when you first remove the new ink cartridge from the package, the printer will not be able to register the new ink cartridge, which can cause problems. Take the ink cartridge out of the printer and make sure that all strips, tabs, or plastic covers are removed before reinstalling the ink cartridge.

Need internal memory reset:

When you install a new ink cartridge and reset its internal memory, the printer should automatically recognize it to ensure that it shows full ink and toner levels. and many more. However, sometimes the printer just cannot perform this operation correctly and thinks that the old ink cartridge or no ink cartridge is currently inserted.

HP cartridge protection is enabled:

Although firmware updates are usually required, if you have HP printer cartridges or HP printer, you may install an update to “enable cartridge protection,” which prevents these cartridges from working properly on other printers. Cartridge protection may also completely prevent compatible products from working on your machine.

An incorrect consumable is installed in the slot:

Putting the color ink or toner cartridge into the wrong slot or buying the wrong ink cartridge model for the printer is an easy mistake. In addition, if you accidentally purchase a toner cartridge or fuser or other maintenance items instead of a toner cartridge, and install the toner cartridge without toner, the printer will not work and a new toner cartridge will still be needed.

Remove all ink cartridges from the printer and double check that they are in the correct color slots and all necessary ink cartridges are present. If they are not, please reinstall them, and then turn them off and on the printer to reset the system.

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HP Ink Cartridges 410 and 310 Series in the HP Ink Tank Series

In other parts of the world, such as India, you may also find that HP also offers printers with ink cartridges. These are referred to as the HP ink cartridge series. The 310 series lack WiFi Direct and Wireless networking functions, while the higher 410 series supports this. With WiFi Direct and Wireless connection, users can use the HP Smart App to print from mobile devices.

In terms of print capacity, both the HP ink cartridges 310 and 410 output the same color pages, up to 8000. The difference is only when printing in black. The lower part of the 310 and 410 models can print up to 4000 black pages. The mid-range 315 and 415 models can print up to 6000 black pages. The 319 and 419 models, the highest in the series, can print up to 15,000 black pages.

The printer is basically the same as the spill-free refill system, supporting borderless printing, copying and scanning features, and USB connectivity as standard.

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Refillable Epson Ink Cartridges

The biggest complaint about Epson ink cartridges is the cost, the amount of ink contained is low, Epson printers often report that the ink cartridge is empty when there is ink remaining, and problems that occur when the Epson printer no longer recognizes the ink cartridge. This clever design solves all these problems.

A key factor in cost is the chip which must be installed on all Epson cartridges. The Epson printer communicates with the chip and counts each page printed. However, some pages consume more ink than others. The Epson printer does not really know how much ink is used, so it can be estimated. Since it may damage the Epson printer and make the ink cartridge run out of ink, it will cause a warning and report it as empty when there is often ink in the ink tank. When it is determined that there is no more ink, it will send a signal that the chip cartridge is empty. Once this happens, you must purchase another ink cartridge.

Refillable Epson ink cartridges contain a chip that automatically resets to full. When the ink cartridge is low, you can refill the ink cartridge from the ink cartridge, and then put it back in the Epson printer, and you are ready to use it. You pay just for the ink. There is no need to pay for another cartridge. You start to save money from the first set, and you save more and more money.

When discussing chip issues, we don’t want to point out that even reusable chips will not exist forever. They may be damaged by spilled ink, direct ink contact, stray voltage from the printer, and friction from repeated removal and insertion. We strongly recommend that you obtain a backup set-even a one-time use set.

Those who own two or more Epson printers can receive additional rewards. The refill bottles are the same throughout the Epson production line. You do not need to set up several sets of ink for each printer.

Inexpensive Epson cartridges can hold more ink and use the same chip already recognized by your printer – easier on your wallet and your sanity, not to mention the environment.

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How to Make HP Deskjet Mistakenly Think it Has New Ink Cartridges

For some HP DeskJet printers, you need to trick the printer into thinking that you have replaced the old ink cartridge with new ones instead of refilled ink cartridges that you filled yourself. If the printer keeps telling you to replace the ink cartridge, or if the ink level still shows empty, you can reset the printer so that it recognizes the refilled ink cartridge as a new one and reads the ink level as full, or close to it.

First, remove the ink cartridge from the printer carriage. Turn the cartridge over to view the copper contacts. The contacts should be the closest to you. If the contact is on the top of the cartridge, turn it around so that the contact is closest to you.

Then, put a small piece of clear tape over the seventh copper contact in the second row of contacts on the left. Put the ink cartridge back in the printer. Tell the printer to calibrate. After the alignment is complete, remove the ink cartridge.

Third, keep that the tape on the contacts. On the right side of the ink cartridge, in the second row from the right, place a small strip of tape above the sixth copper contact. Place the ink cartridge in the printer. Run an alignment page again.

After the alignment is complete, remove the ink cartridge. Remove the tape and make sure to remove the sticky residue when removing the tape. Place the ink cartridge in the printer. The printer is ready.

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Selection of HP Ink Cartridges

680 series ink cartridge

With its anti-bleeding, anti-fading, non-staining, and water-resistant characteristics, HP 680 series ink cartridges provide a perfect new printing experience for HP 3638 and 2138 home models. You can buy cheap hp ink cartridges online, where you will find many products you want.

Applicable models: Deskjet 2138, HP Deskjet 3638

This ink cartridge maintains the clarity and sharpness of text output and full writing and has good color effect and high output quality. The straight lines printed by it are straight and the arcs are soft, which is neat and flawless when expressing numbers, preventing “misreading” and other situations.

678 series ink cartridge

HP 678 ink cartridges use advanced ink formulations. It has been tested to prevent fading, no stains, and is water-resistant and color-proof. After the original professional ultra-micro test, the print head is calibrated to avoid the nozzle clogging as much as possible and affect the print quality. Its patented ink formulation has passed 10 to 22 pollutant test procedures.

Applicable models: Deskjet 2548,Deskjet 3548,Deskjet 4518,Deskjet 1518,Deskjet 1018,DeskJet 2515,Deskjet 4648

802s series ink cartridge

HP 802 series ink cartridges are suitable for Deskjet 1000, 1010, 1011, 1050, 1510, 1511, 2050, 2000 series models as a supporting product for household printing products. The newest printing experience. The lower price can fully meet your excessive home office printing needs.

Applicable models: Deskjet 1000, Deskjet1010, Deskjet1011, Deskjet1050, Deskjet1510, Deskjet1511, Deskjet2050, Deskjet2000.

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Inkjet Printer Cartridge Maintenance

Ink cartridge

Ink cartridges are the most basic consumables for inkjet printers. In general, inkjet printers are colored. Conventional ink cartridges are divided into black and white and color two-color ink cartridges. High-end printers use more than 4 colors, but general household printers are still two-color. The maintenance methods are basically the same.

Regardless of whether it is a two-color or four-color ink cartridge, as long as the unopened ink cartridge is stored in a cool place, it has a 2-year shelf life; and the opened ink cartridge should never be removed from the printer because the ink cartridge can be protected in the printer for a long time.

Inkjet Printers

The normal maintenance time of the printer’s print head is to print at least once or twice a week to keep the print head wet and prevent the ink in the print head from drying out and blocking the ink. Therefore, the nozzle of the ink cartridge cannot be exposed to the air and the outdoor environment for a long time, because this will accelerate the volatilization of the ink cartridge and directly affect the storage time of the ink cartridge. At the same time, pay attention to the intrusion of dust to avoid affecting the operation of the components.

In fact, not only ink will block the print head, paper scraps are more likely to form a blockage, especially some paper with poor quality and insufficient grams. Therefore, to develop a good habit of using the printer, with some high-quality consumables accessories can not only improve print quality but also extend the service life of the printer.

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