HP Ink Cartridges 410 and 310 Series in the HP Ink Tank Series

In other parts of the world, such as India, you may also find that HP also offers printers with ink cartridges. These are referred to as the HP ink cartridge series. The 310 series lack WiFi Direct and Wireless networking functions, while the higher 410 series supports this. With WiFi Direct and Wireless connection, users can use the HP Smart App to print from mobile devices.

In terms of print capacity, both the HP ink cartridges 310 and 410 output the same color pages, up to 8000. The difference is only when printing in black. The lower part of the 310 and 410 models can print up to 4000 black pages. The mid-range 315 and 415 models can print up to 6000 black pages. The 319 and 419 models, the highest in the series, can print up to 15,000 black pages.

The printer is basically the same as the spill-free refill system, supporting borderless printing, copying and scanning features, and USB connectivity as standard.

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How to wash inks off your hands ?

1.First wash the fingers with disinfectant for 2 minutes, then wash them with hand sanitizer for 3 minutes. After testing, we found that the ink is still obvious. After repeated hand washing, it can gradually subside. Disadvantages: hand injury, long time.

2.Slowly apply the makeup remover on your hand, rub it for 2 minutes, then rub it with detergent for 2 minutes, rinse it with clear water, after testing, the ink will be slightly reduced, and it will continue to fade for many times. Disadvantages: long time.

3. Pour some alcohol on your hand, wash it with soap for 3 minutes, rinse it with water, and the ink will be reduced by half after test, and then gradually eliminate it after several times. Disadvantages: hand injury, trouble with supplies.

4.Pour some steam oil into the palm of your hand, squeeze some shampoo, rub it for 2 minutes at the same time, and then wash it. After the test, the ink is reduced by 80%, but there is still ink shadow, which can be repeated twice again to eliminate the ink stain. Disadvantages: hand injury, trouble with supplies.

5.Rub it with banana water, then wash it with washing powder, and then wash it with water. After testing, the ink is very light, and then wash it again. The ink stain can gradually fade away. Disadvantages: hand injury, trouble with supplies.

6. Smear the ink stain with boiled rice soup, then wash it with hand sanitizer and clear water, repeat for 2-3 times, and the ink stain disappears after test. Disadvantages: trouble with supplies.

7.After 2 minutes of rubbing on the ink stain, wipe it off with a wet towel. The ink stain becomes light and half. After repeated scrubbing, the ink stain on 35 sides disappears completely, and the hand will not be hurt after washing.

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