Categories of Cartridges According to Their Composition Structure

Ⅰ. The importance of the ink cartridges

Printers have entered in our lives silently, and we are almost inseparable from printers. Among them, we all know that print cartridges are an important part of printers. Printers cannot work without them. Cartridges play a very important role in the entire inkjet printer, especially some low-end printers, which have reached the price of two boxes of ink equal to one printer. Therefore, when buying a printer, you must consider the ink cartridges.

Colorful ink cartridges

Ⅱ. The ink cartridges are classified according to the composition structure

1. Integrated ink cartridges: The integrated ink cartridges are to integrate the nozzle on the ink cartridge. 

When the ink is used up and a new ink cartridge is replaced, a new print head is replaced at the same time. The use of this kind of ink cartridge can achieve relatively high printing accuracy to ensure the printing quality. 

Since the nozzle is replaced with the ink cartridge, the print quality will not be reduced due to the wear of the inkjet head. However, this ink cartridge design structure increases the cost, and the price of such ink cartridges is relatively high. HP and Lexmark products mostly use this kind of ink cartridges. However, at present, in order to save printing costs, for this type of ink cartridge, users often refill the empty ink cartridge by themselves after they buy ink. Generally speaking, as long as the operation is correct, the filled ink will not cause much damage to the nozzle.

2. Split ink cartridges: Split ink cartridges refer to a product that separates the nozzle and ink cartridge. 

These are relatively cheap cartridges.The starting point of this structural design is mainly to reduce printing costs, because this kind of ink cartridge is not integrated on the print nozzle, the print nozzle can continue to be used when the ink cartridge is invalid, and it also simplifies the user’s process of disassembly and assembly of the ink cartridge and reduces the opportunity of man-made damage to the toner printer; 

This ink cartridge structure also has obvious defects, that is, the nozzle will not be updated in time. As the working time of the printer increases, the quality of the toner printer will naturally decline until the nozzle deteriorates. Most of Epson’s products are split ink cartridges. The cost of this kind of ink cartridge is lower than that of the integrated ink cartridge, but this kind of ink cartridge does not allow users to fill the ink casually.

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