Cleaning a printhead

Take HP for example:

1. Click “start” on the computer in the lower upper left corner. Click control panel, and then click printers and faxes.

2. Click on the printer icon and click “Properties” and “print preferences”.

3. Click the “services” tab, at the top of the window. At the top of the next window, click on the printer Services tab. Click “clean printhead.” The printer will perform print head cleaning. Manual cleaning of print head.

4. Turn on the printer. Open the cover to expose the printer pen holder. Wait for 3 seconds and unplug the printer from the power outlet.

Leave the print cartridge in place and unplug the power supply.

5. Remove the cartridge from each cartridge on the carriage lift tab. Pull out and remove the ink cartridge.

6. Use a lint free cloth to gently wipe the copper contact at the bottom of the ink cartridge. If the residue is stubborn and will not be wiped off, dip a cotton swab in the bottled water to remove the residue and rub gently. Do not wipe the nozzle on the ink cartridge, only wipe the contact flat. Clean the newspaper on the top side of the ink cartridge. Do not stand upright to contact the copper contact or the ink will leak.

7. Wipe the contact point to the print carrier with a lint free cloth. If the residue does not fall off, use a wet swab of bottled water to remove the residue. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

Keep things. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

8. In the printer ink cartridge, turn the ink cartridge. Capture to ensure the top of the cartridge. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Close the cover. The printer is ready for use and is initialized after running.

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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Printer

Extending the life of the printer can maximize the value of the product. This is also a way to solve the cost. Although the update speed of printer equipment is relatively fast, under normal circumstances, a printer can be used for about 3-5 years.

Printer location:

1. Place the printer on a stable plane and close to the computer, so as to connect the interface cable.

2. Keep enough space around the printer for maintenance.

3. Keep the printer away from direct sunlight, overheating, dust, lampblack or humidity.

4. Please use the power socket with ground wire; do not use the adapter socket; do not plug and unplug the printing cable with power.

5. Keep the whole computer system away from electromagnetic interference.

Use of printer:

1. Try to use the original consumables as much as possible. Although the use cost will be high, it can avoid damaging the printer due to consumables problems. For example, the nozzle is blocked due to inking, but the cost of replacing a print head is also relatively high, and inking may burn the printer chip.

2. Each printer has a monthly printing load. Try not to exceed this number when using it. If the printing volume is large at one time, it can be completed several times. After each printing, it can pause for several minutes before the next printing, because overload printing will accelerate the loss of printer components.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the printer can effectively extend the service life of the printer. For laser printers, you can regularly clean the toner protection device, paper feed drum, vent and other components, and you can also buy a special laser printer “cleaning paper” to clean the printer.

4. The correct use of the printer is the premise of prolonging the printer’s life. When encountering problems, try not to blindly guess how to solve the problems, you can find after-sales service or maintenance personnel to solve them.

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Printer general maintenance – How to clean the laser printer ?

1. Reduce external dust

What is the number one enemy of laser printers? Dust! Because the laser printer works by static electricity, it can strongly absorb dust. Any clean office is dusty, and the paper itself has tiny fibers similar to dust. These fibers, dust mixed together, and then after “hot” processing, will become a “universal” adsorption of dirt. In order to fix the toner, the last process of laser printing is heating by heating the roller. The “residual heat” of this process will make the dust accept the “firing” process and become a hard structure. We should pay attention to the ventilation of laser printer, but we can’t put it on the ventilation channel. If we put the printer on the vent, aisle, or next to the door and window, the printer with static electricity will play a role of “magnet” to absorb dust.

2. Hazards of internal dust

The printer is a technology complex. It will spread millions of toner particles precisely on a piece of paper. While doing this work, there will inevitably be a small amount of “litter”. When these small particles are mixed with the small fibers shaken off from the paper, they become the “micro” garbage with strong adsorption. Gently shaking the powder box to make the toner evenly distributed will help to achieve good printing results, but if you use excessive force to do this work, it may cause toner leakage, resulting in adverse consequences. Should pay attention to the use of clean paper, not only to ensure the printing effect, but also for internal cleaning.

3. Learn simple cleaning

Many faults of laser printer need to be repaired, the root cause of which is dust. It is very necessary to clean the printer regularly and effectively, but how do we do these daily cleaning work? The simplest and reliable way is to have professional maintenance engineers clean the printer regularly, but some cleaning work can be done by ourselves through careful operation. Too much dirt in the paper path will make the printed paper dirty. When cleaning the paper path, first open the cover of the printer, take out the selenium drum, and then gently wipe the roller and other relevant parts back and forth with a clean and soft wet cloth to remove paper scraps and dust. Because of the corona net technology, the ozone filter is installed on the laser printer. The ozone filter should be replaced at least once a year. After each replacement of the powder box, the corona net shall be cleaned with an alcohol swab. More often, use soft gauze to clean the carbon particles on the inner wall. Carefully clean all visible and accessible parts of the interior, just like cleaning camera lens. The best way is to use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the powder particles without blowing the leather ball (do not directly wipe the smooth surface of the drum to avoid scratches). These cleaning work can reduce the black spots or stripes when printing.

4. Special cleaning tools

You can buy some special laser printer cleaning tools. Cleaning paper is a kind of special paper with the shape of ordinary paper. It has a strong adsorption effect. When it is used, it is put into the paper feed slot and have the laser printer print a blank file. The purpose is only to make the cleaning paper move normally. The cleaning paper is like a sponge to stick away the dust on the roller and paper path. Repeat the operation several times to complete the cleaning work on the paper track. For the dust adsorber, due to the influence of static electricity, carbon powder may be adsorbed to other parts of the printer. Replacing the powder box and pulling out the jammed paper will also cause the diffusion of carbon powder. These scattered carbon powder may fall back to the paper path, which is one of the reasons why the printed paper is not clean. The carbon dust adsorber itself is also charged with static electricity, and is made of elastic active adsorption materials, so it is easy to clean up the internal dust.

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