Cleaning a printhead

Take HP for example:

1. Click “start” on the computer in the lower upper left corner. Click control panel, and then click printers and faxes.

2. Click on the printer icon and click “Properties” and “print preferences”.

3. Click the “services” tab, at the top of the window. At the top of the next window, click on the printer Services tab. Click “clean printhead.” The printer will perform print head cleaning. Manual cleaning of print head.

4. Turn on the printer. Open the cover to expose the printer pen holder. Wait for 3 seconds and unplug the printer from the power outlet.

Leave the print cartridge in place and unplug the power supply.

5. Remove the cartridge from each cartridge on the carriage lift tab. Pull out and remove the ink cartridge.

6. Use a lint free cloth to gently wipe the copper contact at the bottom of the ink cartridge. If the residue is stubborn and will not be wiped off, dip a cotton swab in the bottled water to remove the residue and rub gently. Do not wipe the nozzle on the ink cartridge, only wipe the contact flat. Clean the newspaper on the top side of the ink cartridge. Do not stand upright to contact the copper contact or the ink will leak.

7. Wipe the contact point to the print carrier with a lint free cloth. If the residue does not fall off, use a wet swab of bottled water to remove the residue. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

Keep things. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

8. In the printer ink cartridge, turn the ink cartridge. Capture to ensure the top of the cartridge. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Close the cover. The printer is ready for use and is initialized after running.

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