Features of Canon Home Inkjet Printer and Skills of Using Inkjet Printer

Nowadays, printers are more and more widely used, not only in the office but also in the home. Printers can greatly facilitate our lives. Canon inkjet printers are very popular, so how about Canon home inkjet printers? Next, I will introduce the advantages of Canon inkjet printers and the tips for using inkjet printers.

1. Is the Canon printer easy to use?

1) New ink technology

Canon printers have a 12-color stand-alone Canon ink system, which provides a wide color gamut for better printing works. Canon ink system is composed of 11-color pigment ink and crystal bright color ink. The new pigment Canon ink has improved the original composition, so it has a wider color gamut and more prominent dark area expressiveness.

2) Accurate arrangement of Canon ink

Canon printer cartridges use encapsulated pigment particles and an outer layer of bright color ink. The ink droplets are arranged more closely, bringing more uniform gloss, improving image clarity and color gamut.

3) Fast printing speed

The overall printing speed of Canon inkjet printers is fast, especially the photo printing speed.

4) The print head is easy to install:

New printers usually pack the print head separately and install it by the user. The print head installation of Canon printers is very simple, without too complicated operations.

5) There are many types of printers: inkjet, laser and so on.

2. Skills of using inkjet printer:

1) In the process of using color Canon printer cartridges (here refers to the same type of ink cartridges), pay attention to the balanced use of red, yellow, blue and other tones, and don’t just print pictures that focus on one color. Because as long as one color is used up, Canon printer cartridges cannot continue to be used even if the other colors are not used up.

The higher the resolution of the printed picture, the more Canon printer ink is used. The light color consumes less Canon printer ink, and the bright red or blue composite color needs more than one basic color synthesis, so it needs to consume more Canon printer ink.

2) Don’t switch the printer frequently, because many types of printers will execute self-check procedures when they are turned on, which will consume Canon ink. Try to collect the materials that need to be printed and print them together (but at the same time be careful not to let the printer work continuously for too long), this will save Canon ink.

3) If the integrated Canon printer cartridges print head is dry and clogged, the following methods can be used to improve:

  • Immerse the print head part (excluding the circuit board) in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, and let the warm water dissolve the dried dye (note: keep the circuit board dry).
  • Put the print head on a few soft and dry paper towels, and let the paper towels slowly absorb the residual moisture of the nozzle and Canon ink. Please do not wipe the print head hard.
  • If Canon printer cartridges need to be used immediately, they can be put back in the correct position in the printer. If you don’t use it temporarily, you can purchase a special print head protector for proper storage. The rubber pad in the protector can block the air and keep the nozzle moist for a long time.
  • Do not print again when Canon printer cartridges are out of ink. Printing will cause the nozzle to burn out (because it only uses the electromotive nozzle to eject ink and borrow ink for heat dissipation).
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