What is the difference between a laser printer and an ink-jet printer?

Laser printers and ink-jet printers are the two most frequently used printers. ink-jet printers print brightly, but the printing speed is slower and the consumables are more expensive. Laser printers print faster and have higher precision. In fact, these two printers use two completely different printing technologies. Let’s take a look at the difference between these two printers.

The laser printer is a printing output device that uses a combination of laser scanning technology and electrophotographic technology. The printing information is converted into a laser drive signal through a control interface. The laser scanning system generates a laser beam with printed information, and then the electrophotographic technology enables the laser beam transferred to the print media. Compared with other printing equipment, laser printers have the advantages of fast printing speed and high printing precision.

The ink-jet printer was developed after the pin-type printer. It uses a non-impact working method, which has the characteristics of small size, low noise, and many printing media. At present, the main ink-jet printers use two types of piezoelectric ink-jet technology and thermal ink-jet technology. In addition to technical differences, thermal bubble ink-jet printers need to install nozzles in each ink cartridge, which increases the cost of the ink cartridges; but the nozzles of piezoelectric ink-jet printers are integrated in the printer.

The common printing format of laser printers is A4, A3 format laser printers are expensive, but ink-jet printers are simpler and cheaper to make A3 format, so if you often need to print large format materials, you can choose ink-jet printers. The printing speed of the laser printer will be much faster than that of the ink-jet printer, so if you need to efficiently print the A4 format data, it is recommended to choose the laser printer.

 The main consumables for laser printers are toners, and many companies now choose toner cartridges, which greatly reduces the printing cost; ink-jet printers use special inks, and some companies have also launched printers with their own supply systems, but relatively printing costs will be higher. So in terms of printing cost, the printing cost of laser printers will be lower.

From the above information, we can see that laser printers are generally suitable for office use, where high work efficiency and mass printing are required. The ink-jet printer is suitable for homes or places with small print volume, or where high-precision photos need to be printed. In addition, it should be noted that ink-jet printers need to be used frequently, and at least one or two prints per week are required to avoid nozzle clogging.

How much do you know about printer ink?

As the Internet develops faster and faster, people are increasingly inseparable from computer work, which means that printers are used more frequently. As an essential part of the printer, ink plays a great role in the process of document output. The printing effect of high-quality ink is pretty good, but it does not mean that as long as you have good-quality ink, nothing else matters. There are still many factors need to be considered.

1.Original ink is important

The characters printed by the original ink are clear and sharp, with rounded edges and no ink splashing. The image is more three-dimensional, with long-lasting color, and it is not easy to fade. At the same time, the use of original ink is more cost-effective, and the print quality is more outstanding without damaging the printer.

2.Fake ink is harmful

Ink is a consumable item, and it must be purchased at intervals. As a result, some unscrupulous merchants have an opportunity to manufacture counterfeit and shoddy inks and attract customers to buy with low prices. Many poor quality inks not only have extremely poor printing results, but also threaten human health.

In order to reduce the cost of making low-cost inks, cheap chemical industrial fuels are used, which emit toxic gases and dust during use, which is extremely harmful to human health. Therefore, in a situation where both “good quality” and “cheap price” are incompatible, choosing “good quality” is a guarantee of work and a commitment to health.

3.Save ink by printing according to demand

The ink consumption of the printer is proportional to the print quality and resolution, and you should choose to print according to your actual needs. For files that do not require high color printing, you can use the “text” mode to reduce the print quality and save ink; for files that require higher color quality, setting the screen properties can not only save ink, but also effectively increase the printing speed.

 When purchasing ink, you must purchase it through regular channels, so that you can choose a high-quality ink and work more efficiently.

Canon PIXMA Home TS6160 Multifunction Printer Reviews

PIXMA Home TS6160 Multifunction Printer

The Canon PIXMA Home TS6160 Multifunction Printer, canon ts6160, is a flexible tool for document-related tasks. It is a versatile printer that allows you to print, copy and scan without having to use multiple devices. It comes with an intuitive 3-inch touch screen so you can access menus and settings adjustments at your fingertips.

For a clear and readable printout, the Canon PIXMA Home TS6160 multifunction printer has a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Combined with the PIXMA Cloud link of the Canon PIXMA Home TS6160 and the Canon print application, you can print wirelessly from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Now, with PIXMA Cloud Link accessed through the Canon PRINT app, you can print from popular social networks and cloud services, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more. Whether it’s printing clear text or beautiful photos, Canon’s FINE ink cartridge system produces clear document text and high-quality images. The PIXMA Home TS6160 is fast and efficient, with a document print speed of 15.0 ipm black and 10.0 ipm color.

To save time and money, the PIXMA Home TS6160 printer has automatic two-sided printing that allows you to print on both sides of the paper.

The Canon PIXMA Home TS6160 printer has a scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, enabling you to scan hardcover documents with uncompromising image quality.

Canon’s new print assistant covers the Canon printer. This service allows you to connect to customer service assistance online and by phone 7 days a week. It also gives you access to dedicated user dashboards, setup lists, video tutorials, and more to ensure you get the most out of your new printer.

A manually adjustable front panel with a 3-inch touch screen and a simple interface makes all functions even easier. Now you can access print, copy, scan and cloud functions from a single home screen—no need to spend time scrolling to find what you need. Canon Print Assist covers this product. Get simple step-by-step instructions to set up and use your printer. If you have questions, you can contact the Print Assistant team to help you solve the problem and start printing right away. It is a very convenient printer.

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Canon Pixma MG5765 reviews

Canon Pixma MG5765

Some key features include:

Speed: 10 ppm

Resolution: 4,800 x 1,200 DPI

Technology: 2PL FINE printhead technology.

Media size: A4, Letter. Legal, A5, B5, Envelope (DL, COM10), 4″ x6″, 5″ x7″, 8″ x10″

Easily print, scan and copy using this Canon MG5765 Wireless Multi-function Printer. This printer offers both wireless and local connection and features automatic 2-sided printing to help you reduce paper wastage. It has speeds of up to 9 pages per minute in colour, or 12.6 pages per minute in black and white, with a max resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for great looking results. This printer uses Canon 671 670 ink, which helps you produce high-quality and smudge resistant prints. Remember to bring your empty cartridges into store so that they can be recycled. With print, copy and scan functionality, the Canon Pixma MG5765 Wireless Multifunction Printer allows you to print important documents and colourful photos with ease. 

This Canon Pixma MG-5765 multifunction printer delivers fast, high quality results. It is a multifunction, print, scan and copy with full wireless capabilities.The MG5765 uses 5 individual cartridges and these printers work like a charm with generic ink cartridges.It provides perfect lab-quality printing, and you’ll automatically save time and paper with automatic two-sided printing, which automatically increases productivity. You can print directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The Canon Pixma MG5765 multifunction printer features color printing. Includes an easy-to-use menu system so users can configure regular functions. The printer has a physical size of 45.5 x 36.9 x 14.8 cm and weighs 6.3 kg.

The Canon Pixma MG5765 is an EnergyStar compliant product. The page yield depends on the coverage and nature of the printed page. All quoted page prints are declared in accordance with the manufacturer’s specified print volume and ISO/IEC standards. Canon original ink cartridges are covered by their normal limited supplies. 

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HP Officejet Pro 8710 review

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710

As an all-in-one HP device, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 integrates printing, faxing, scanning and copying, and supports wireless connectivity. The scanning device is divided into an ADF feeder and a scanning plate, wherein the ADF feeder supports one-time 50-page paper. Inheriting most of HP’s model designs, the ADF feeder is on the top of the body and above the scanning plate. This design saves space. At the same time, the advantages of the ADF feeder and the scanning plate complement each other, making the scanning quality and scanning speed of this model good.

The control panel is located at the front of the fuselage and includes a 2.65-inch color touch screen, WiFi logo, and more. As an operation center, the control panel of this model can perform functions such as copying, scanning, and faxing, as well as photo printing and Apps functions. In addition, the user can make simple settings for the printer, such as printer settings, consumables settings, and wireless settings. The operation is simple and convenient, and conforms to the habit of the user’s gesture touch. However, the 2.65-inch display is slightly smaller on the front end.

Look at the socket of the fuselage, USB flash drive printing is relatively safe, can achieve plug and play. This model is equipped with a USB flash memory print slot. Files in PDF, JPG and other formats can be printed directly through the USB flash memory jack, which is very convenient. In addition, by viewing the interface on the back of the fuselage, it is easier for the user to determine some of the functions of the model. The 8710 is equipped with an Ethernet cable interface, a telephone line jack, and a USB cable jack. Based on this, we can judge that the model has four in one. Function, multi-purpose, cost-effective.

 Overall, the black 8710 not only has a unique design, high-end atmosphere, but also has a convenient LCD screen. At the same time, the top ADF feeder and scanning plate make it extremely convenient for users to scan, print, copy, fax and wirelessly print, which is a good choice for office.

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HP Envy 4520 review

HP Envy 4520

The HP Envy 4520 printer uses the latest ink delivery technologies to prolong cartridge life and potentially save you money through its Instant Ink delivery service. It also scored well in print speed tests and produced high-quality output results.

the HP Envy 4520 truly deserves its “all-in-one” moniker, giving the user control over what to do with the machine, how to connect it to different devices, where to pull print materials from and how to refill depleted ink cartridges.The good news is that the 4520 does better relative to the competition for photos.

Its redesigned chassis sits low to the ground and easily disappears out of the way when you’re not printing, and the minimal touchscreen design frees the control panel from button clutter and confusion. And at its price of $100 in the US at the time of this review (it sells for £59 UK and AU$99), it’s an affordable option for people who don’t want to spend too much on a printer that might only get used on scattered occasions. Even though it’s not the smallest printer on the market in its price range, the HP 4520 is a dependable performer and worth the investment.HP’s Envy series of printers always leans heavily toward a slim design, and the 4520 continues the legacy with a new, curved chassis that measures 17.5 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep and 5 inches tall. You can get a smaller all-in-one unit like the Epson XP-420 if your work area is really hurting for space, but as far as multifunction printers go, the hp envy 4520 is one of the sleekest I’ve seen.

This time around, the company went back to a matte black finish with a patterned scanner lid on top. The control panel rests on a lip just below it at a fixed angle, easily viewable unless you have the printer higher than eye level. Curiously enough, there are no physical function buttons on the panel aside from the power button on the left– you can only interact with the printer through the 2.2-inch monochrome LCD display, so you shouldn’t expect to be viewing and editing photos.

Others might have an easier time navigating through menus, but I wish there were a few shortcut buttons built into the hardware to quickly bring you directly to the print, copy and scan functions. The user experience on the tiny display makes you lift and drag a finger to scroll across all the menus, and the touch response isn’t as snappy as on a smartphone, causing issues with latency and accidental presses. There’s also no way to recalibrate or change the sensitivity of the screen.

The ink delivery system rests underneath the scanner bay and incorporates a single tricolor cartridge for dye-based black and another for tricolor. The hp envy 4520 takes HP’s upgraded #63 model ink cartridges, a new design for the company that integrates the print head alongside the tank while also making technical improvements to ink balancing as well as end-of-life monitoring.

In previous cartridge models, users would begin to see color banding, or malformed horizontal lines running across a print job, that would typically indicate a cartridge coming close to depletion. Oftentimes, the banding would disappear after a few more prints, then return again, confusing the user about the true level of ink remaining in the cartridge.

HP developed a technology with the new #63 cartridges called Active Ink Balancing that closely monitors ink levels throughout the cartridge’s life cycle, making notes if one color starts to run out faster than the others. If that starts to happen, the system will automatically adjust the balance by mixing other colors to compensate for the depletion.

If you don’t need office-centric features like an ADF, however, aren’t concerned with text quality or print speed for documents, and can make good use of connecting using Wi-Fi Direct, or you find HP’s Instant Ink program attractive for its promise of a relatively predictable running cost per month, the hp envy 4520 is a reasonable pick, though not a compelling one.

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Fuji Xerox Docuprint m225dw review

Fuji Xerox M225DW print scan copy three-in-one with automatic duplex printing and wireless connectivity. Is a very good print scan copy three-in-one machine.

Product positioning Multi-function commercial integrated machine

Product Type Black and White Laser Multifunction

Covered Features Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

Maximum processing format A4

Consumable type

Consumable capacity CT201920: 2500 pages

Warm-up time <45 seconds

Processor 295MHz

Memory 256MB

Double-sided function

Network function Support wired network printing

Fuji Xerox M225dw Wireless Black and White Laser Multifunction All-in-one low-cost hardware is only half of its advantages. This model’s savings benefit from the structural design of the toner separation, requiring only one replacement per depletion. . Thereby maximizing the utilization rate of each component, thereby effectively saving costs and avoiding unnecessary waste. What’s more, the unique ink-saving mode of this model can extend the life cycle of the same toner cartridge by changing the toner density of the printed page, saving costs.

Fuji Xerox M225dw.png

The Fuji Xerox M225dw Wireless Black and White Laser Multifunction Unit supports efficient, low-cost printing, copying, scanning and faxing for maximum integration and productivity. Known for its reliability, this printer features a design concept developed for trouble-free printing. Its built-in all-in-one printing feature helps users save paper and toner by printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, as well as saving money for customers.

Fuji Xerox Docuprint m225dw 2.png

This printer greatly reduces printing costs, the scanner and printer work well, and can do everything on the tin can. This Fuji printer can be reloaded with other laser cartridges, which is very convenient. The Fuji Xerox M225DW has excellent print quality, copying capabilities and wireless/local area printing. After more than one year of use, if the wireless router is turned off, the scanning software on the PC will stop responding and you will need to reinstall the software again and again. Setting up a wireless device from the provided CD may be slower and usually works directly on the machine directly because it is faster. When the scanner is working, it is fast and of good quality.

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HP Deskjet 3630 printer review

HP deskjet 3630

The plastic of the HP deskjet 3630 is very fragile, especially the output tray. But you can forgive the look and feel, because HP has 40 massive features for you. Deskjet can print, copy and scan. In addition to the ubiquitous USB connection, it supports HP eprint, Wi Fi network and Wi Fi direct. The latter option means that even if you don’t have a wireless router, you can print wirelessly from devices such as smartphones and tablets. The 3630 comes with entry cartridges, so you need to replace them after about 100 pages.

The lack of touch on the HP deskjet 3630 panel means that you have to configure Wi Fi through HP’s own application (on the supplied CD or free from 123. HP. Com), which is simple: just tell the application which network printer to use. The application works for Mac and windows, and once the connection is established, it downloads the necessary drivers and utility software.

There is a 60 page input tray and a 25 page output tray, supporting plain paper (up to 90gsm), HP card and HP photo paper (300gsm); if you print on photo paper, the print is borderless, while on A4, the margin is 3mm. Print quality can be up to 1200 x 1200, or up to 1200 x 1200 if you print on a specific HP photo paper. The scanner is 1200 DPI and the copy speed is 600 x 300 dpi. Deskjet 3630 is designed for people or businesses who need moderate printing needs: 250 pieces per month is recommended.

As for performance and operating costs, deskjet is not the fastest inkjet printer, as you would expect for a low-cost printer. The official ISO speed is 8.5ppm and 6ppm black, but the speed of sketch mode can reach 20ppm black. You can see the first page in about 14 seconds. There is a quiet mode that makes the printer slower and quieter, but we don’t find the normal mode particularly noisy.

If you order HP’s instant ink service, it’s cheap, easy to install, easy to use, and quite cheap to run. While it doesn’t meet the specifications of more expensive models like HP’s own envy, it perfectly covers the basics. Mobile and tablet are supported. But it feels very vulnerable. There is no instant ink operation due to the relatively expensive and low production ink cartridge. The cost is relatively high. It is clearly designed for home and very small office use. If you plan to print hundreds of pages a month, don’t think about it.

Deskjet 3630 is an excellent printer with low price. It’s quite quiet, quite fast, provides good print quality, connects to mobile phones and tablets, and has a pretty good scanner and copier. If you buy ink cartridges in the store, it costs a lot to run, but if you choose instant ink, the cost of pages will drop dramatically, especially for color printing. This is an attractive option for buyers who don’t need to print too much often.

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Cleaning a printhead

Take HP for example:

1. Click “start” on the computer in the lower upper left corner. Click control panel, and then click printers and faxes.

2. Click on the printer icon and click “Properties” and “print preferences”.

3. Click the “services” tab, at the top of the window. At the top of the next window, click on the printer Services tab. Click “clean printhead.” The printer will perform print head cleaning. Manual cleaning of print head.

4. Turn on the printer. Open the cover to expose the printer pen holder. Wait for 3 seconds and unplug the printer from the power outlet.

Leave the print cartridge in place and unplug the power supply.

5. Remove the cartridge from each cartridge on the carriage lift tab. Pull out and remove the ink cartridge.

6. Use a lint free cloth to gently wipe the copper contact at the bottom of the ink cartridge. If the residue is stubborn and will not be wiped off, dip a cotton swab in the bottled water to remove the residue and rub gently. Do not wipe the nozzle on the ink cartridge, only wipe the contact flat. Clean the newspaper on the top side of the ink cartridge. Do not stand upright to contact the copper contact or the ink will leak.

7. Wipe the contact point to the print carrier with a lint free cloth. If the residue does not fall off, use a wet swab of bottled water to remove the residue. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

Keep things. After 5 minutes, you have cleared the printer before replacing the ink cartridge.

8. In the printer ink cartridge, turn the ink cartridge. Capture to ensure the top of the cartridge. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Close the cover. The printer is ready for use and is initialized after running.

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Work out your total printer cost

Predicting and maintaining your printing costs is not easy, but if you want to limit the amount of money you have to buy an office printer that suits your needs, this is an important task.

Therefore, you must first determine the features you need, and now you don’t have to consider limiting costs. You must meet your office requirements, so it’s best to fix them first.

Printer running costs, ink and toner

Once you have determined the printer requirements and considered some models, you can start investigating the cost of printing. In order to save the most money and at the same time choose the right printer for your needs, you first need to be familiar with some of the terminology that printer manufacturers often use when selling their latest and greatest machines. Cheap printers typically use expensive ink cartridges. In the long run, they will eventually cost more to maintain.

To roughly calculate the cost per page, divide the price of the ink cartridge or toner cartridge by the number of pages the manufacturer says should be covered. However, these numbers may not be realistic. The printer manufacturer’s data is based on 5% of each page covered by ink. In fact, the entire page is usually close to 10%.

The same problem affects any “cost per page” data quoted by the manufacturer, so always add a little salt to them.

Accurately predict the cost per page

If you know the format and layout of the page you want to print (such as a company letterhead or marketing brochure), you can use page overlay software like APFill to predict the cost of printing per page in your company.

Whether you need a lot of color printing or a separate high-capacity black cartridge for more regular printing, this will help you find the most valuable printer to meet your business needs. Combine running costs with the initial printer purchase price to get a clearer picture of what the printer will cost for your overall business.

Monitor your printing costs

After purchasing a new printer, check to see if the printer comes with printer maintenance or counting software to monitor how many pages you get from each cartridge or toner cartridge. Over time, this will allow you to predict when you need to purchase a replacement cartridge.

Printing cost calculator

How much does your company spend on printing costs each year?

If you find yourself or your colleagues printing frequently, you may want to know how much the printing costs to your company.

A Gartner study found that companies use 1-3% of their annual revenue for printing. This means that if your company’s annual revenue is $10 million, it will cost $100,000-$300,000 in printing!

Your printing costs can be divided into two main sub-categories, focusing on printing costs and another sub-process cost.

Printing cost

The cost of printing refers to any costs incurred by the printer. This includes the cost of the printer, the cost of printer consumables (such as ink), and the cost of printing paper.

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