A Method to Add Toner to Toner Printer

Ⅰ. Learn to refill toner to improve efficiency

In the process of work or study, we often need to print out some electronic version of the text and contact the printer frequently. In the work of the printer, the printer toner will become less and less. As the printer works, the printer toner will be used up. At this time, we need to refill toner in the printer. Do you know how to refill toner in the printer? 

We must learn to refill toner in the toner printer, so that when the printer toner in the printer is used up, we can replace it by ourselves. Not only can the printer return to normal more quickly, but our work will not be influenced and the efficiency of printing is improved. You need to pay attention in toner refill: handle with care, wear a mask, and the toner cartridge is installed and poured without the toner being spilled on the ground.

Printer toner

Ⅱ. The method of refilling toner in the toner printer

1. We prepare the tools including a toner cartridge, screwdriver, pliers, blade, and awl. 

2. Remove the screw and spring on its left first, and then unscrew the buckle and screw on the right with a screwdriver. 

3. After removing the screws and covers on the left and right sides, remove the photosensitive drum and charging roller. 

4. After removing the charging roller, there is a fixed iron wire on the left and right sides. 

5. After the two fixed wires are removed, the whole is removed. 

6. Clean up the waste powder. Unscrew and discard the waste powder inside. 

7. Refill the printer toner, unscrew the inlet with a screwdriver, pull up the hose and pour the powder into it. 

8. After refilling printer toner, start to assemble. Combine the waste toner box with the toner box. Find the screws and install them in the order of disassembly just now.

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