Money-saving Tips

How can you save money on ink?

There are quite a few ways, one is to use laser printers. Buying a laser printer has proven time and again to be more cost-effective compared to inkjet printers. Another way is to use generic ink and toner cartridges priced much lower than an original (OEM) cartridge. Just like how you’ve come to depend on the quality you get from other generic products, generic printer cartridges–also called aftermarket cartridges–have taken the ink and toner industry by storm, saving both home users and businesses thousands of dollars.

What’s more important: initial printer cost OR cost per page?

If you print quite regularly, we recommend you base your decision on cost per page. If you only print a few pages a month, you’re probably better off with a low-cost laser printer. Yes, laser. If you only print a few pages a month, chances are the ink inside your cartridges will constantly dry up and you’ll need to run to the store to get a fresh set of cartridges every time. Before you know it, you’ve already spent more than the price of a laser printer. Laser printers use toner which does not dry up.

Stay away from cheap printers with inefficient cheap ink cartridges–they will eventually cost you a fortune.

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Work out your total printer cost

Predicting and maintaining your printing costs is not easy, but if you want to limit the amount of money you have to buy an office printer that suits your needs, this is an important task.

Therefore, you must first determine the features you need, and now you don’t have to consider limiting costs. You must meet your office requirements, so it’s best to fix them first.

Printer running costs, ink and toner

Once you have determined the printer requirements and considered some models, you can start investigating the cost of printing. In order to save the most money and at the same time choose the right printer for your needs, you first need to be familiar with some of the terminology that printer manufacturers often use when selling their latest and greatest machines. Cheap printers typically use expensive ink cartridges. In the long run, they will eventually cost more to maintain.

To roughly calculate the cost per page, divide the price of the ink cartridge or toner cartridge by the number of pages the manufacturer says should be covered. However, these numbers may not be realistic. The printer manufacturer’s data is based on 5% of each page covered by ink. In fact, the entire page is usually close to 10%.

The same problem affects any “cost per page” data quoted by the manufacturer, so always add a little salt to them.

Accurately predict the cost per page

If you know the format and layout of the page you want to print (such as a company letterhead or marketing brochure), you can use page overlay software like APFill to predict the cost of printing per page in your company.

Whether you need a lot of color printing or a separate high-capacity black cartridge for more regular printing, this will help you find the most valuable printer to meet your business needs. Combine running costs with the initial printer purchase price to get a clearer picture of what the printer will cost for your overall business.

Monitor your printing costs

After purchasing a new printer, check to see if the printer comes with printer maintenance or counting software to monitor how many pages you get from each cartridge or toner cartridge. Over time, this will allow you to predict when you need to purchase a replacement cartridge.

Printing cost calculator

How much does your company spend on printing costs each year?

If you find yourself or your colleagues printing frequently, you may want to know how much the printing costs to your company.

A Gartner study found that companies use 1-3% of their annual revenue for printing. This means that if your company’s annual revenue is $10 million, it will cost $100,000-$300,000 in printing!

Your printing costs can be divided into two main sub-categories, focusing on printing costs and another sub-process cost.

Printing cost

The cost of printing refers to any costs incurred by the printer. This includes the cost of the printer, the cost of printer consumables (such as ink), and the cost of printing paper.

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Ways to reduce your printing cost and save money on ink

With the increasing popularity of office automation, computer, printer, copier, speed printer and other equipment in office document printing processing have been widely used. How to improve the use efficiency of these high-tech products, and give full play to its “office automation” function to better improve the work efficiency and serve the document printing function of the office is a problem worthy of attention.

In the work practice, we mainly adopt the method of mathematical overall planning and system management to improve the work efficiency. This article briefly introduces the experience of disk management, printing process and comprehensive operation as well as the cooperation between input personnel and proofreader. Here are five tips to reduce the cost of printer. Five tips teach you to reduce printer cost and save printing consumables.

1. Print in draft mode. If you only need to print your personal documents and you don’t need high-quality output, consider printing in draft mode. The document printed by this method is lighter and less accurate, but the ink consumption can be greatly reduced. The identification and location of the draft mode may vary slightly depending on the printer brand, but in general, you can select the draft mode from the printer options in the PC control panel, select the properties key, and then select the draft mode in print quality. In the print dialog box, click the options button in the lower left corner of the box. After entering the next dialog box, select draft output in the print option, and then click OK.

2. Make sure the print nozzle and ink cartridge carrier are clean. The frequency of implementation of the maintenance process depends on your usual printing volume. But it’s better to do it every week. It is also important to keep the inside of the printer clean, especially the ink cartridge carrier. Whenever ink or debris is found on the cartridge carrier, it should be removed immediately with compressed air or alcohol.

3. Use web-based printing options. To reduce unnecessary printouts and waste, you can download the free HP intelligent web page printing application, so that you can easily select, store and organize the content of multiple web pages, and print only when you need it to save time, ink and paper.

4. Store the ink cartridge properly. Make sure that the ink cartridge is sealed in its original packaging, stored vertically at room temperature, and unsealed when in use. The ink may evaporate through the nozzle and the plastic ink cartridge box. After removing the ink cartridge from the original package, store it in the “initial position” of the printer to avoid the ink in the nozzle drying up. And to prevent pollution by dust in the air.

5. Use the correct method to shut down the device. Do not turn off the printer through the switch on the power board. This will cause the printer to skip the normal shutdown procedure and not store the printhead properly. It causes the print head to dry. The correct way is to turn off printing by using the printer’s switch

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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Printer

Extending the life of the printer can maximize the value of the product. This is also a way to solve the cost. Although the update speed of printer equipment is relatively fast, under normal circumstances, a printer can be used for about 3-5 years.

Printer location:

1. Place the printer on a stable plane and close to the computer, so as to connect the interface cable.

2. Keep enough space around the printer for maintenance.

3. Keep the printer away from direct sunlight, overheating, dust, lampblack or humidity.

4. Please use the power socket with ground wire; do not use the adapter socket; do not plug and unplug the printing cable with power.

5. Keep the whole computer system away from electromagnetic interference.

Use of printer:

1. Try to use the original consumables as much as possible. Although the use cost will be high, it can avoid damaging the printer due to consumables problems. For example, the nozzle is blocked due to inking, but the cost of replacing a print head is also relatively high, and inking may burn the printer chip.

2. Each printer has a monthly printing load. Try not to exceed this number when using it. If the printing volume is large at one time, it can be completed several times. After each printing, it can pause for several minutes before the next printing, because overload printing will accelerate the loss of printer components.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the printer can effectively extend the service life of the printer. For laser printers, you can regularly clean the toner protection device, paper feed drum, vent and other components, and you can also buy a special laser printer “cleaning paper” to clean the printer.

4. The correct use of the printer is the premise of prolonging the printer’s life. When encountering problems, try not to blindly guess how to solve the problems, you can find after-sales service or maintenance personnel to solve them.

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