Compatible or Remanufactured Cartridges?

What do we do with employed cheap ink cartridges? It goes to the garbage bin instead. When you are into the enterprise and use cartridges quite usually, then you are particular to boost your expenditure should you invest in new cartridges each and every time. Thinking what to do? How to decrease the expense?

Re-use, remanufacture. It is possible to re-use your dollars spent on these and re-using the cash indicates saving the dollars. Remanufactured cartridges are the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges that have been employed and remanufactured (recycled) and refilled with ink. Original cartridges are disassembled, cleaned, refilled and repaired again just before they come to the markets. Remanufactured Ink or Toner cartridges work the exact same way as the original ones. Remanufactured ink cartridges give splendid print results and are compatible with your printers. These are as good as or even far better than their original counterparts.

Compatible cartridges (both, ink & toner) are the ones that are not manufactured by their original manufacturers. Compatible cartridges come in two types. They are new as well as recycled ones. Although these cartridges are priced at half or one-third the amount of original OEM cartridges, they may be recycled or even new ones. The purchase of these helps you save some additional bucks to your pockets at the quality of original cartridges. Compatible, remanufactured toner and ink cartridges have various positive facts.

These are listed below:

Cost-Effective. Compatible remanufactured cartridge is priced at almost half or one-third the rates of original cartridge. The prices of these fit the size of your pockets easily. Hence, you save a lot of dollars on printing while maintaining the same standard of the print whenever you buy the remanufactured cartridge. So, why pay double the amount when you get the same quality print at a much cheaper cost.

Quality Oriented. Remanufactured ink/toner cartridge promises to maintain the standard of printing. It is of the best quality, built to the highest standards. The printing quality of such a cartridge sets a standard that goes much ahead of the original cartridge. Remanufactured Ink cartridge comes with a warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It never damages your printer as it becomes compatible with your printer when it passes various tests before it is sold to end consumers.

Environment-Friendly. Remanufactured Toner or Ink Cartridges are recycled which made from reusing the original ones. Remanufacturing is the process of renovating used products in order to make them equal in quality as per the original ones. Remanufacturing cartridge puts less pressure on the environment than turning parts back into raw materials for input into the manufacturing system or reusing parts in other products. By purchasing a remanufactured cartridge, you save the environment from the long-lasting, non-decaying materials from which plastic toner cartridges are made.

Readily available. Today, remanufactured, compatible cartridges are readily available with almost all the companies. You name the company and they have it for you. HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, NEC… all these companies have various ranges in remanufactured Ink & Toner cartridges. As the demand for these is increasing day-by-day, companies have started to produce them in big numbers.

These are some of the benefits of Remanufactured Cartridges. In short, here’s why you should opt for these rather than original ones:

Compatible. Remanufactured cartridge performs as well or far better than the new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridge.

Remanufactured cartridge generally lasts 20% longer than OEM cartridge.

Compatible, remanufactured Ink or Toner cartridge costs 30%-60% less per copy than OEM cartridge.

Using a Compatible, remanufactured Ink or toner cartridge reduces pollution and waste by minimizing the number of materials disposed of in landfills.

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