How to Add Printer Toner?

We all know that toner is an important consumable in printers, and whether the printed documents are clear is determined by toner. How to add printer toner? Everyone must be very eager to know, let’s take a look together, I hope it will help you.

The steps of adding toner to the toner cartridge:

1. Check the toner cartridge

First, check if the printer toner cartridge is suitable for adding toner. Turn one of the wheels on the side of the powder box to see if the magnetic stick is evenly powdered and whether it is scratched. Do not add powder if the powder on the magnetic stick is uneven or scratched.

2. Clean up excess toner

Clean up the excess toner in the toner cartridge, as well as the toner on the magnetic stick. This is an important point. The operation method is very simple, first, unscrew the screw under the magnetic bar, remove the three slices, pay attention to the front and back of the slice, and then remove the magnetic rod. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sponge stick under the magnetic stick, and also clean up the excess powder in the powder bin.

 3. Add toner

After the above steps are completed, you can add toner to the toner cartridge. Open the powder compartment cover of the powder container, put the shaken toner into the powder container, and close the powder container cover. In this way, the toner is added successfully.

The operation steps of toner powder filling:

1. Clean the toner cartridge

First turn on the machine and take out the toner cartridge, then use diagonal pliers to hold the metal pins on one side to pull out the main force outward. The silver pins on both sides are pulled out and then there are two parts, which should be cleaned.

2. Filling toner

After removing the screw on the gearless side of the magnetic stick, put the prepared toner into the bin and gently turn the round cooked ring on the side of the magnetic stick to make the toner even.

After the toner cartridge is installed, push the shutter of the photoconductor drum, lightly rotate this rotation on the side of the drum core a few times, after the residual toner on the drum surface is removed, it can be installed.

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Top 6 Brother cartridge for laser printers

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers don’t use ink. Instead, they use toner which lasts much longer. The trade-off is that laser printers are generally more expensive.This article would introduce Top 6 Printer cartridge Series for laser printers from Brother.

Brother TN2450

The Brother TN2450 cartridge has an estimated printing capacity of 3,000 pages, making it ideal for home printing. Its design prints accurate and sharp images and text. They’re compatible for use with the following Brother machines: Brother HLL2350DW,2395DW and Brother MFCL2710DW,2713DW,2750DW.

Brother TN2450

Brother TN2350

This Brother TN2350 ink cartridge can improve the printing efficiency. It is specially designed to work with brother printers and is easy to install so you can do it yourself. It is estimated to print 2,600 pages. Compatible with the following printers: Brother HLL2305W,2340DW,2380DW and Brother MFCL2703DW,2740DW.

Brother TN2350

Brother TN3440

Brother TN-3440 is a genuine toner cartridge brother. It provides about 8000 pages of page output. Toner is designed for use with your compatible machine to reliably produce high quality printed documents. Compatible with the following printers: Brother HLL5200DW, Brother MFCL5755DW and Brother MFCL6900DW.

Brother TN3440

Brother TN251 TN255

Genuine Brother TN-251 TN-255 Cartridge Set. Black one is estimated to print 2500 pages and the others about 2200 pages. Low price combined with high quality and performance, that’s what you get with this compatible Brother TN251 TN255 toner cartridge set. Compatible with the following printers: Brother HL3150CDN, 3170CDW and Brother MFC9335CDW, 9340CDW.

Brother TN251

Brother TN253 TN257

Brother TN-253 & TN-257 Black and Color toner cartridges is suit Brother HLL3230CDW, HLL3270CDW, Brother MFCL3750CDW and 3770CDW laser printers or multi-function devices. Each Brother TN253 & TN257 cartridge is equipped with advanced polymer toner particles to ensure superior print quality, faster preheating, lower energy consumption and ultra-reliable performance. Toner combinations provide accurate original color matching with high levels of page saturation. It is a high quality and reasonably priced powder cartridge, perfect for people on a small budget.

Brother TN443

The Brother TN443 cartridge has an estimated output of 4,000 pages, making it ideal for home printing. Its design produces clear, accurate and sharp images and text for high-quality printouts. Compatible with the following printers: Brother HLL8260CDW,8360CDW and Brother MFCL8690CDW, 8900CDW.

Brother TN443

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What is the difference between the toner cartridge and the drum unit?

The toner cartridge and drum unit are different consumables. They are used in Brother equipment and require two consumables.

The ink cartridge mainly refers to the component used in the ink jet printer to store the printing ink and finally complete the printing. The internal storage is ink, which, as the name suggests, is a liquid substance. From the point of view of the composition of the ink cartridges currently on the market, in general, it can be divided into: a split type ink cartridge and an integrated ink cartridge; the toner cartridge contains powder (toner) for creating letters and images. You need to replace the toner cartridge when the toner is low or the print quality deteriorates due to toner deterioration.

A toner cartridge, also called a photosensitive drum, is generally composed of a base substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridge, and the quality of the print is actually determined largely by the toner cartridge. So the toner cartridge is the most critical part of the laser printer; the drum unit transfers the toner to the paper. The laser printer places toner on the “drum”roller inside the drum unit, and then heats and presses the toner to the paper to print letters and images. In order to maintain good print quality, the Brother machine automatically detects the deterioration of the drum unit quality. If the Brother machine displays the “Replace Cartridge” error message, you will need to replace the drum unit.

The toner cartridge is used in laser printers and is printed with toner. The ink cartridges are used in ink jet printers, and the inks are used. The range of products is different. Laser printers rely on laser imaging. Ink jet printers rely on ink imaging. The imaging principle is also Not the same; the toner cartridge is powdered, and the ink cartridge is filled with ink. The ink cartridge can be used as a supply, and the toner cartridge cannot.

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