Ink Efficient Inkjet Printers

An ink-efficient printer is a cost-efficient printer. The more efficiently your printer uses ink, the lower your printing costs will be! Though there are some ways to extend the life of an ink cartridge, it’s always better to have an efficient printer with cost-efficient cartridges from the get-go. As the adage goes: prevention is better than cure.

How to Look for an Ink-Efficient Printer?

Printer efficiency is determined by looking at the printer’s cost per page. Here’s how to determine the cost per page:

  1. First, find out what ink cartridge the printer uses.
  2. Determine the ink cartridge’s page yield. Page yield is the number of pages a cartridge can print before going empty. Ink cartridges with higher page yields are considered more cost-efficient. Some printers accept extra high yield cartridges and others don’t. This could be another factor to look out for when shopping for a cost-efficient printer.
  3. Take the price of the ink cartridge and divide it by its page yield. The resulting number is the cost per page.