Beware of Counterfeit Printer Cartridges

The printer cartridge industry is lucrative. Inevitably, this means that shady dealers flood the market with knockoffs. You are as much of a victim of these predators as those who order supplies at work. You may find that the brand ink and toner are 40% or cheaper than the normal price, but what you potentially get is a phony product with these adverse effects:

Shoddy quality that can damage or wear down a printer (for example, volatile organic compounds in the ink that gradually erode the built-in print head)

Potentially poor toner and quality that produces subpar prints and is like buying a half-empty cartridge when it comes to value.

So, what can you do to avoid counterfeit printer cartridges online?

While shopping printer cartridges online, we suggest:

Avoid cheap and outdated e-commerce sites (trust your instincts, design tastes, and return to the questions mentioned in the first section)

If you get that “too good to be true” feeling, pause and ask the original manufacturer of the printer cartridge for assistance.

Hot Toner is committed to providing the best online printer cartridge shopping experience for all your business and home needs.

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